LinkHub is the place

to gather ORDINARY people
and make SPECIAL things together.


We are always thinking

about the more advanced technology.

Linkage Service is the phase and the answer of consideration
about what we can do well.

The time we've struggled led a better way to make customer's satisfaction.
Now, LinkHub is getting lots of recommendations from many people.
Find a your solution with us.

We are aiming at these value like as
technology should have more meaning than a kind of method.

We believe all we do is to contribute to change the world as well.

That's why our technology have been connected more
to the life and customers have done more things with us.

LinkHub promise to make the more advanced,
meaningful and interesting technology.


LinkHub History

Renewed LinkHub web-site( Launched depositor real name check service
Certificated as NTS Cash Receipt service provider
Launched e-Tax invoice 'Bulk API' for mass issuance


Commendation for JusoLink(Address Search) from MOIS
Launched Real-time Depositor Check service
Launched 'kakaoCert', KakaoPay Authentication service
Launched Real-time Account Check service


Established R&D center certificated by KOITA
Certificated as venture company (KOSME)
Made a contract with NH ** Co., Ltd.
Made a contract with Sam***
Made a contract with Ka***IX
Launch SAP ERP – S4/HANA service
Migrated infrastructure to AWS


Launched BSA service / Kakaotalk Service
Introduced SAP Cloud ByDesign ERP
Made a contract with Kyo** Co., Ltd.
Developed Non-activeX environment Fax-viewer
Developed real-time Connect with external program


Developed automated messaging service
Made an alliance with BNK KNBank
Made a contract with GS Shop
Made an alliance with E-post Mall
Selected as company supported by KOSME


Established the LinkHub.
Certificated as a Koita's R&D department
Made an alliance with Golfzon Co., Ltd.
Made an alliance with MOIS


Started the POPBiLL service


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The most worthwhile thing for us is
to connect a customer and a company
with our services.

And that is what we can do the best as well.