Connect 3.


The very first e-Auth service "kakaoCert",
provided by API using KakaoTalk

A whole new paradigm of e-Auth service
based on KakaoTalk PKI

  • Official dealer authorized by KakaoPay
  • e-Signature
  • Identify Verification
  • CMS Permission


e-Tax Invoice

NTS Crawling


Messaging Service

API Service

kakaopay(kakaoCert-카카오써트) 인증 예시 화면

The new standard for e-Authentication,

The "kakaoCert" is a kind of e-Authentication service that
has a legal validity according to ‘DIGITAL SIGNATURE ACT'(Clause 3 of
Article 3). It is based on PKI and same structure with existing certification.
Customers can take both convenience and security certified
by "kakaoCert" and utilize for field of e-Signature, identify verification
and CMS Permission.

It is not required to additional APP/SW due to using KakaoTalk,
the most used messenger in Korea. We gurantee to provide secured
and reliable e-Auth service by association with KakaoPay.

kakaoCert Service Introduction

  • e-Signature
  • Identify Verification
  • CMS Permission

Let handle a complex contract with simple solution
Only 3 seconds is needed for e-Signature

It's mainly designed for UNTACT contract between company
and individual customer. Customers can check documents in
PC or mobile and make an e-Signature with Kakao message.

kakaoCert, Only 3 seconds is needed for e-Signature

Document e-Signature Completed


  • kakaoCert 전자서명 이용약관
  • kakaoCert 이용약관
  • kakaoCert 채널 추가(선택)
    다양한 혜택과 이벤트 소식을 받을 수 있습니다.


  • 개인정보 제3자 제공 동의

개인정보 제3자 제공 관련 전체 동의

카카오페이 전자서명 공인인증서 서명

Based on 40 million users' KakaoTalk
Identify Verification service

No required to certification or additional program. (e.g. OTP,
Active X etc.) Customers can complete a verification only
with registered information to KakaoTalk - mobile, date of
birth and name.

kakaoCert을 이용한 본인확인 서비스

Mobile Date of Birth Name






[필수] 카카오페이 인증을 위한 개인(신용)정보 동의

개인(신용)정보 이용 및 제공 동의

To lighten the load of management system
Consent to automatic withdrawal service

Reference article 10 (Method of Consent to Withdrawal of Deposits) of E-FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS ACT

  • Added KakaoPay Authentication to submit method of evidential document for automatic withdrawal service of KFTC
  • Amended Supervision Regulation(2016.06.30) : Possible to obtain a consent of a payer using KakaoPay Authentication
*CMS : Cash Management Service kakaoCert을 이용한 자동이체 출금동의 서비스

Document Recording ARS






자동이체 출금동의

  • 인증
  • ARS 인증

얼굴과 지문, 비밀번호 입력만으로
손쉽게 인증해보세요!

카카오페이로 인증

Flow chart

  • e-Signature
  • Identify Verification
  • CMS Permission
Integrated by API ① Use kakaoCert ② Request for
③ Make the e-Signature ④ Send a result
of the e-Signature
Integrated by API ① Use kakaoCert ② Request for
the verification
③ Execute the verification ④ Send a result
of the verification
Integrated by API ① Use kakaoCert ② Request for
CMS permission
③ Make the CMS permission ④ Send a result
of CMS permission
⑤ Submit the evidential document

At the front, With the latest technology

We change the way of Authentication, kakaoCert


The first API service
using KakaoPay authentication

Reasonable Rate System

No installation fee, minimum fare
Usage-based Billing

19 Development Languages

Language-based SDK
and detailed online manual


Support all DBMS/OS
available to HTTP communication

Reliable Security

Implemented by original technology
(HMAC+Bearer Token+Own method)

Encrypted Communication

Applied TLS
To all transmission lines